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The Flannel Flower

Australia’s mental health has been a major concern to various stakeholders around the country. Over the years, Australia has recorded a rise and Increase in the issue of the country’s mental health.

Like never before, this state of this is growing beyond boundaries, and there is an urgent need to tackle it.

True, there have been many strategic plans that have been put in place to ensure that the issues of mental health are tackled. But, without a doubt, there is still a place for national actions and awareness.

Awareness of mental health issue in Australia would go a long way to help fight reoccurrence of mental health issues. In this vein, there is a need for a national awareness programme to spread the sensitisation for mental health. 

For one, having a national health awareness program would involve all and sundry in the fight to overcome mental health. It would also encourage many stakeholders to champion the course of a mentally healthy society in Australia.

Recognising this, there has been a push for a general awareness program form the national government of Australia. And in response to this, the flannel flower has been chosen as a symbol of national recognition. This recognition is to promote mental health across Australia.

The Flannel Flower

The flannel flower is a wildflower in Australia. This wildflower has an enviable ability to survive in many conditions. For instance, it can grow in dry sclerophyll scrub and coastal heath. It takes this name due to its woolly soft feel when one touches it. It is a protected flower in some parts of Australia, especially in NSW where it takes a conservative status.

Symbolism Of The Flannel Flower

The flannel flower in Australia is symbolic for many reasons. Part of this reason is because of the adaptable nature of the flower. Though delicate with woolly and soft flower, the flannel can survive in different areas. For instance, it can grow in dry sclerophyll scrub and coastal heath.

This way, it points out that mental health requires that people can adapt to many circumstances in their daily lives. Like the flannel flower, Australians need to ensure that they are enduring and adaptable for continuous survival.

Asides from this, the flannel flower also symbolises strength and beauty. This goes to show that Australians have the strength to survive any mental health issues. It also shows that regardless of the current mental issues or statistics, all Australians are beautiful and strong.

These symbolisms strengthen the understanding of what each individual’s need to pull through their mental health issues.

Due to this symbolism, the Australians’ national government has adopted the flannel flower as representing mental health. This national recognition is aimed to promote the Australian’s mental health awareness.

To further prove the importance of the flannel flower’s recognition, the national government has trademarked it the MHCA. This trademark is to celebrate and promote Australia’s mental health.

In trademarking this, the MHCA buttressed the importance of health. It recognised that regardless of life’s circumstances, Australians need to adopt resilience and be adaptable to recurring changes. This would help everyone maintain and strengthen mental health.

The rationale behind the adoption of the flannel flower as the national mental health symbol is simple. First, it is to promote mental health awareness in many all parts of Australia.

Second, it is to imbibe the basic principles of survival in all Australians. One of which is an adaptation to changing circumstances. This ability to quickly adapt to the environment is important to maintain standard mental health.

Another is the resilience spirit. Just like the flannel flower, the resilience spirit is important for all Australians. Though it is important for Australians to adapt to changing circumstances, it is also important to resist toxic conditions.

The idea behind maintaining healthy mental health is not all about going with the flow. It is also about resisting the urge to give up. And at the same time, wading off toxic situations that could hamper mental health.

Aside from this, the symbolism also pushes for the need for Australians to be empathetic and open to a person’s distress’ expression. It is believed that this would contribute to the person’s recovery. Also, being empathetic and open will change peoples’ negative attitude to Australia’s mental health.

Joining The Campaign

Every Australian is needed in the collective fight against mental health. Awareness is everyone’s responsibilities. Due to this, MHA is offering postcard package and pins of flannel flowers for sale. This postcard package and pins are up for sale for only $3.30 each. This includes postage cost within Australia.

The postcard package and pins are important to serve as a national awareness symbol for mental health. Having this would go a long way in curbing mental health problems in Australia.

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