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Mental Health Services

Australia’s mental health is of critical concern to everyone. Over the years, there have been a series of actions undertaken to achieve a balance in mental well being in Australia. 

Mental health today is important. And the same thing goes for the situation in Australia. With mental health, a lot is being done to ensure that everyone in Australia gets access to mental health service. 

 It is because of this that there is the Mental Health Service (MHS).

The MHS is the overview of the national response to the issue of Australia’s mental health. It involves the report on the needs of Australians with regards to mental health.

The current state of Australia’s mental health is alarming. Reports show that about one in every five Australian between the ages of eighteen and sixty-five will, at one point, show symptoms of mental health issues. The report further says that mental health is connected to many factors. One of those factors is an individual’s access to mental health services.

This report has made the issue of mental health services take a front role in national discuss.

In Australia, there are many services for mental health that have been made available. These services are a product of different government levels. Part of these services is tailored towards ensuring that Australians have unhindered access to services.

In the last thirty years, the national government has been at its feet, trying to work out ways to combat mental health issues. One of those ways is through improved access to Australian’s services for mental health. In this vein,  the national government has worked for hands in gloves to develop some services and programs for mental health.  

These programs have the sole aim of improving the mental life of Australians. Part of the services and programs in the country include the National Mental-Health Strategy. This national strategy is to help carve out ways to beat Australia’s mental health. The objective of the strategy is:

Aside from this, there is the 5th National Mental-Health & Suicide Prevention strategic plan. This plan came into existence in 2017. As a consequence, the government paid a greater focus for mental health. This saw a whopping $736.6 million being allocated to tackle mental health and improve services of mental health ion Australia. 

As part of the services of mental health, the consumers and the carers are not left out. With the adoption of the YES survey where consumers give their experience for mental health service, the government has been able to gather data. This data would inform the governments’ decision on issues of future mental health.

Emergency Services In Hospitals

Australias’ hospital has evolved into quick response to issues of mental illness. There is now a critical role by hospitals in handling mental illnesses.

This has led people to the emergency department to seek a response to their mental illness. Sometimes, the emergency department might be the first place of contact with the medical personnel, or it may be for after-hours medical care.

Community services for mental health

As a response to issues of mental health, the Australia government has provided outpatient hospital services. These outpatient hospital services serve as a point of treatment of mental illness in the community. These initiative has contributed largely to the response of Australia’s mental health. For the record, between 2018 and 2019, about 9.7 million services of mental health at the community level were provided for about four hundred and fifty-three thousand patients.

This shows that a lot is going on with the community service response to Australia’s mental health.

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